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The Minor and Courses

Did you know that

Students who minor in Black studies develop an additional set of analytic and research tools that help them to understand human needs across race, gender, class, and national boundaries?

Or that,

The minor can be paired with many different majors at Providence College, including for example, global studies, economics, social work, sociology and political science? The combinations are endless, just use your imagination.

Minoring in Black Studies

  • Required credits- eighteen (18). Each student completes six (6) courses
  • Each student is required to complete Introduction to Black Studies
  • Five additional courses complete the minor. Students select the five electives from three thematic tracks. Each student completes one elective from each thematic track. The other two electives allow for and promote specialization within a particular track.

Thematic Tracks

foundations courses

Black Studies and Core Proficiencies 

  • To view the Black Studies courses that are approved for Core Curriculum credit, please click here.

Declaring a Minor

  • Download, print, and fill out an Academic Program Adjustment Form.
  • Make an appointment with the Director of Black Studies.  Make sure to bring completed Academic Program Adjustment Form.
  • Turn completed and signed form to the Office of the Registrar, Harkins Hall, Room 310.

Courses and Additional Program Information

For a listing of course descriptions and degree requirements, please see the course catalog.

Click here or see below for the Black Studies Program pamphlet listing all of the BLS courses organized by Track.

The Mission
Our program is committed to
promoting and encouraging
scholarship that challenges
multiple forms of oppression within
the U.S. and globally. The program
engages in activities that
encourage students to critically
think of knowledge production and
to arm them with the necessary
tools to critique such production.
Our program offers a strong
grounding in the African-American
community’s past and present. We
study the unique cultures, collective
experiences, and connections
within the African Diaspora so that
students gain a better
understanding of American society
and the world we live in. In addition
to the academic benefits of
obtaining the minor, students enjoy
the extra-curricular experiences,
such as movie series, guest
speakers, and an array of
community activities.
Upon graduation, students receive
Kente stoles to mark their
Phone: 401.865.1082
Fax: 401.865.2232
Location: Howley Hall 119
Dr. Zophia Edwards, Program
Instagram: @blackstudies_pc
Facebook: /PCBlackStudies
Twitter: @BlackStudies_PC
Community Space: Howley Hall 314
Zophia Edwards, Ph.D.
(Sociology/Black Studies), Program
Rahsaan Mahadeo, Ph.D.
(Sociology/Black Studies)
Aishah Scott, Ph.D.
(Health Policy and Management/Black
Ashley Smith-Purviance, Ph.D. (Public
and Community Service Studies/Black
Eva Michelle Wheeler, Ph.D.
(Foreign Language Studies/Black

Affiliated Faculty
Anthony Affigne, Ph.D.
Comfort Ateh, Ph.D.
Patrick Breen, Ph.D.
Christopher Chambers, Ph.D.
Matthew Dowling, Ph.D.
Michael Hayes, Ph.D.
Eric Hirsch, Ph.D.
Alyssa Lopez, Ph.D.
Eric Melley, D.M.A.
Carmen Rolón, Ed.D.
Tuire Valkeakari, Ph.D.
Eve Veliz-Moran, Ph.D.
Trina Vithayathil, Ph.D

Special Lectures 
Danny Kyei-Poakwa, Ph.D.
Justin Lester, D.Min.
Akeem Loyd, M.Ed.
Tryon Woods, Ph.D.

Required Course
BLS 101 - Intro to Black Studies
Elective Courses*: Students must take 5
electives, of which, 3 must be from each
thematic area.
->Thematic Area: Culture, Language,
Literature and the Arts
BLS 122 – Black Cinema
BLS 213 -The African-American Artist
BLS 225 - The African World View
BLS 227 - History of Jazz
BLS 265 - 20th Century AfricanAmerican Literature
BLS 371 – Global and Postcolonial
BLS 376 – Toni Morrison
BLS 470 – T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.
BLS 470 – Afro-Latinidad
BLS 470 - Black Girl Magic
-> Thematic Area: Social & Structural
BLS 211 - Urban Education
BLS 230 - Faith and Spirit in the Black
Family and Community
BLS 280 – Violence Against Women
BLS 303 - Urban Politics in the U.S

BLS 304 - Social Movements
BLS 305 - Race and Racism
BLS 307 - Urban Sociology
BLS 311 – Equity Issues in Education
BLS 348 – American Political Theory
BLS 355 – Comparative Race and
BLS 401 – Political Economy of Race
BLS 413 - The Power of Whiteness
BLS 416 - Race & Politics in the Americas
BLS 425 - African-American Women
BLS 444 – The Global Food System
BLS 470 - AIDS, Race & Gender In the
Black Community
BLS 470 - Race and Punishment
BLS 470 - Inequality in the U.S.
BLS 470 - Race, Class, and Gender:
Inequalities and Intersections
BLS 470 - Black Feminisms
-> Thematic Area: Historical Inquiry
BLS 207 – African American History 1619
to Present
BLS 225 - The African World View
BLS 304 - Social Movements
BLS 344 – History of Africa Since 1850
BLS 425 - African-American Women
BLS 470 - Racial Capitalism
BLS 470 – Global Migration
*Students may pursue other Special