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The Minor and Courses

The Minor

Did you know that

Students who minor in black studies develop an additional set of analytic and research tools that help them to understand human needs across race, gender, class, and national boundaries?

Or that,

The minor can be paired with many different majors at Providence College, including for example, global studies, economics, social work, sociology and political science? The combinations are endless, just use your imagination.

Minoring in Black Studies

  • Required credits- eighteen (18). Each student completes six (6) courses
  • Each students is required to complete Introduction to Black Studies
  • Five additional courses complete the minor. Students select the five electives from three thematic tracks. Each student completes one elective from each thematic track. The other two electives allow for and promote specialization within a particular track.

Table 1: Curriculum–Thematic Tracks

foundations courses

Black Studies and Core Proficiencies 

Introduction to Black Studies (BLS 101)                                                  Diversity/Social Science/Civic Engagement
The African American Artist (BLS 107)                                                    Diversity
The African World View (BLS 225)                                                           Diversity/Social Science
Community & Service(BLS 302)                                                                Diversity
Twentieth-Century African-American Literature(BLS 365)                Diversity
Faith & Spirit in the Black Family and Community (BLS 230)           Diversity/Social Science/Civic Engagement

Core Focus

Black Studies has been approved as a Core Focus Discipline

Declaring a Minor

  • Download, print, and fill out an Academic Program Adjustment Form.
  • Make an appointment with the Director of Black Studies.  Make sure to bring completed Academic Adjustment Form.
  • Turn completed and signed form to the Office of Enrollment Services, Harkins Hall, Room 310.


For a listing of course descriptions and degree requirements, please see the course catalog.