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Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom students have attended: church services, movie screenings such as “Invictus”, and Sweet Honey on the Rock. The department frequently hosts year-long specialized series with invited lecturers, movie screenings, and a chance for us to just dialogue. As a Black Studies student, you will be fully prepared to become a global citizen in an ever-changing world.

The department provides a variety of opportunities designed to support students’ intellectual needs both within and beyond the classroom — from special guest speakers to movie series and community outreach. These opportunities encourage students to expand their cultural and academic horizons.

  • Students have the opportunity to have their voices heard by contributing to the Heritage Journal.
  • Students can participate in campus wide events such as the Black Women and Girls Symposium and the African Community Colloquium—which takes up various issues related to the African Diasporic peoples as experienced in Rhode Island.  This colloquium is student driven.